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Fructose separation and purification resin
Fructose is the sweetest sugar in nature. It has the advantages of high sweetness, low calorie and good flavor. The purity of crystalline fructose with a purity of 97% or more is 115-117 times that of sucrose. It is suitable for patients with diabetes and heart disease. . However, various production processes now produce a mixture of fructose syrup in which fructose is 50% of glucose, which needs to be separated to obtain.
Suzhou Bojie Resin Technology Co., Ltd. provides calcium-type chromatographic separation resin for fructose-glucose separation. Because fructose in fructose liquid has greater adsorption capacity than fructose in Ca2+-type resin, fructose has a long retention time through resin under the action of desorbent. Glucose is short, glucose is first desorbed from the resin, and fructose and glucose are continuously separated during the system's operating cycle. The resin has high mechanical strength and osmotic ball rate, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, convenient desorption and recyclability, and can be reused, thereby achieving good economic benefits.
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