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What's the important factors to promote your products on website and on Search Engines? Send Message
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Most of China sellers/exporters focused on products development/manufacture/shipping, but many China sellers/exporters do not pay much attention to internet marketing. Search engine optimization(SEO) is part of internet marketing, SEO is very important and effective way to promote your products on internet. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu have many global users(potential clients) from different countries, especially Google website is the top 1 (biggest) in the world. If you can get more views/clicks from Search Engines search results you can get more clients.

However search engines like rich content website, such as B2B, B2C platform or social network websites, which created a huge number of web pages by website users. All these huge web pages content are crawled by search engines and displayed on search engine search result list page. That's why the products web page sort priority of B2B, B2C website is higher than small independent company websites. If you only own an independent company website, you can not make the sort priority of products on your independent web pages higher than B2B, B2C platform websites. In order to get more views/clicks from search engine, many China sellers/exporters joined some B2B, B2C websites. is new B2B website, allow China sellers/exporters upload their products for free charge, and will keep free in the future. When using B2B websites (including and other B2B websites), you need pay attention to the products/company data you upload, otherwise you may just waste your time to register B2B websites:

1. Your Products Data
1.1.Product Name. Your product name will be displayed on product detail web page title and finally displayed on search engine result list page. Buyers can search product name on website.

1.2.Product Tags. Please fill product tags with your products keywords or sub names. Your product tages also will be displayed on export product detail web page title. Buyers can search product tags on website.

1.3.Product Detail. It's no problem that you upload some product pictures in product detail description section, but it will be problem for search engine if you only upload products pictures in product detail description section without any "pure texts". Because search engine like Google can not recognize and crawl the texts on pictures ("picture texts"), then it might cause that search engine do not display your product detail web page on search engine result list. If you are lucky, 
search engine may only crawl your products pictures but no any pure texts crawled. So my suggestion is adding more "pure texts" in your product detail description, better more than 400 words, at least 200 words (Please do not try to just copy all pure texts and paste, search engines will ignore copied pure texts, you can copy a few texts).

Let me show some good and wrong examples below:





2. Your Company Data
2.1. Company Name. Please enter your company full name on website, because your company data also will be displayed on your company seller home page title and finally displayed on search engine result list page. 
2.2. Product Brochure document. Please upload your products brochure document on website. Same as product data, please try to use "Pure Texts" instead of "Picture Texts" in your PDF file. Because search engines like Google can not recognize and crawl the picture texts in your PDF file, but can recognize and crawl pure texts in PDF file. A good "pure texts" PDF file example on google search result is below:

2.3. Company Introduction. Allow you to enter maximum 2000 letters in it. All entered texts are pure texts and displayed on seller home pages.
2.4. Your Website. If you have independent company website, I strongly suggest you add your company website in it. Because the external link on website will improve your independent website SEO(Search engine optimization).

3. Your Company News Data
Company News section allow your add more pure texts about your company, about your products. After you filled products data and company data, please try to write more pure texts on your company news section - it also can increase your company/products exposure in search engines result list.

I understand China sellers/exporters have to spend more time to fill above data, but without more "pure texts" crawled by search engines you can not get more potential clients from search engines. So you have to do it sooner or later.

Above SEO suggestions apply to other B2B, B2C websites and your own independent company website too. Please take a try.




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