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Kuwu (Shandong) Technology Co., Ltd located in Weifang High-tech Industrial Development Zone Software Park, Shandong Province, China. It bases on Internet , cloud computing and big data to create “independent design and customization + supply chain production + warehousing, packaging and logistics”. + Installation and delivery , it is a modern residential industry Internet company .

KUWU is one of the leading aluminum structure modular assembly technology company, which is mainly engaged in R & D, design, manufacture, sale and scene application of green building,environmentally-conscious construction,eco-friendly construction fabricated aluminum structure system. Kuwu pioneered the patent technology of aluminum structure modular building system, integrated the aluminum alloy with architectural innovation, adhered to the design concept of "beautiful, high quality, environmental protection and modular", and provided users with competitive, safe and reliable new generation modular building system , services and solutions. We are committed to research and develop innovative building materials and technologies, promote the sustainable development of smart cities, and provide a more efficient, better and environmentally friendly lifestyle for the next generation.

Thanks to our high advanced Technology and build process our factory can turn your build designs into a reality. However large or small a project our team are on hand to guide you through the process and get your custom built home on site and ready to build ,Each KUWU kit comes with an assembly manual.

KUWU’s goal is to assist you in any way possible to ensure your purchases and construction process is a hassle free experience. Contact us to discuss your design needs. Our team are dedicated to finding a solution to even the most complex building requirements.

We adhere to the concept of innovation leading the market and service creating value, and make it with ingenuity, so that you can truly experience the satisfactory service with ease and comfort! Compared with the traditional residence, the aluminum alloy modular assembly building has its outstanding advantages

(1) high degree of industrialization and mechanization, high degree of commercialization.

(2) The on-site construction speed of KUWU building is fast, which will not affect the nearby residents in favor of civilized construction.

(3) KUWU's aluminum structure building is an environmental friendly and sustainable development product.

(4) Aluminum alloy building has light weight and good seismic performance.

(5) The comprehensive economic index of aluminum structure building is lower than that of reinforced concrete structure.

(6) Compared with brick concrete house, kuwu house can avoid the waste of resources caused by burning bricks with earth.

(7) Compared with brick concrete structure, aluminum structure can increase the effective use area.

(8) Compared with reinforced concrete residential buildings, aluminum alloy modular villas can be recycled in the future, but the concrete can not be recycled. It must be construction waste in the future, which will cause environmental pressure and it will take 40 years for the concrete to dry completely, so it is easy to cause indoor humidity and humidity, which is not conducive to human health. But kuwu system does not use concrete at all, so there is no such problem.

(9) Aluminum alloy modular building has good seismic performance. Because the earthquake activity is left and right and up and down, the light aluminum structure connected by screws constitutes a safe and stable box, which will not cause wall collapse or floor falling due to the shaking of the earthquake, endangering personal safety.

(10) The construction of aluminum alloy frame villa adopts dry construction method, which will not cause waste of water data and save cost. Compared with traditional building materials (reinforced concrete / light steel / wood, etc.)

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