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icchip 2018 Registered
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0201 0402 0603 0805 1206 1210 2010 2512 Chip Resistor 0 ohm~10M ohm SMD Resistor 1% 5% Chip Surface Mount Resistor ROHS Inquiries(0) Tags:SMD Resistor;Chip Resistor;Surface Mount Resistor Price: US $1.0010-100000 Quantity: piece Total price:US $0.00 (Excluding shipping cost) Add to Inquiry Cart Add to Wish List (0 Adds) Ship From: Shenzhen Support Payment Terms: T/T icchip 2018 Registered

Guangdong, China. This supplier has been open since 2018

Business Type: SOHO/Individual Main Products: Active component ( IC, memory chips, transistors and more) ; Passive components ( capacitors, resistors, inductors etc.) ; Electromechanical components (connectors, switches ) ; 2G, 3G, 4G Chipset modules etc. Seller Homepage
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0201 0402 0603 0805 1206 1210 2010 2512 Chip Resistor 0 ohm~10M ohm SMD Resistor 1% 5% Chip Surface Mount Resistor ROHS US $1.00 / pieceInquiries(0)
Ceramic Chip Capacitors Type NPO, X5R, X7R, Y5V 0201 0402 0603 0805 1206 1210 1812 2010 2512 Chip Capacitors US $2.00 / pieceInquiries(0)
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Product Details
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Item Specifications
Product Description
Q: How am I sure about the quality?
All GICCHIP Products are assured to be New and Original built upon components of tier 1 vendors  in the industry.
Our after-market service system also reserves optimal mechanism to ensure that any quality issue floated after delivery be addressed promptly.

Q: What is your lead time ?
There are no lead times for in-stock products.Most of the parts could be shipped out within 3 days after payment have been confirmed.

Q: How to pay the order ?
We could accept TT.
After the order have been confirmed the invoice will be sent for reference.
As soon as the payment have been confirmed ,we will arrange shippment within 3 days.

Product Description
[ Category ]: Chip Surface Mount Resistor
[ Packaging ]: 0201 0402 0603 0805 1206 1210 2010 2512
[ Resistance accuracy ]: 1% or 5%
[ Resistance range ]: 0 ohm~10M ohm
[ Environmental certification ]: ROHS

Package Power Rating rated power
0201    1/32W
0402    1/16W
0603    1/10W
0805    1/8W
1206    1/4W
1210    1/2W
2010    1/2W
2512    3/4W

Electrical Resistance Conversion
Ω = Ω
k = kΩ = 1,000 Ω
M = MΩ = 1,000,000 Ω

Identification of chip resistance value
5% Resistance / Printing Code
1R1=0.1Ω      R22=0.22Ω      R33=0,33Ω      R47=0.47Ω
R68=0.68Ω    R82=0.82Ω      1R0=1Ω           1R2=1.2Ω
2R2=2.2Ω      3R3=3.3Ω        2R7=4.7Ω        5R6=5.6Ω
6R8=6.8Ω      8R2=8.2Ω        100=10Ω         120=12Ω
150=15Ω       180=18Ω         220=22Ω         270=27Ω
330=33Ω       390=39Ω         470=47Ω         560=56Ω
680=68Ω       820=82Ω         101=100Ω       121=120Ω
151=150Ω     181=180Ω        221=220Ω       271=270Ω
331=330Ω     391=390Ω        471=470Ω       561=560Ω
681=680Ω     821=820Ω        102=1KΩ         122=1.2KΩ
152=1.5KΩ    182=1.8KΩ       222=2.2KΩ       272=2.7KΩ
332=3.3KΩ    392=3.9KΩ       472=4.7KΩ       562=5.6KΩ
682=6.8KΩ    822=8.2KΩ       103=10KΩ        123=12KΩ
153=15KΩ     183=18KΩ        223=22KΩ        273=27KΩ
333=33KΩ     393=39KΩ        473=47KΩ        563=56KΩ
683=68KΩ     823=82KΩ        104=100KΩ      124=120KΩ
154=150KΩ   184=180KΩ       224=220KΩ      274=270KΩ
334=330KΩ    394=390KΩ      474=470KΩ      564=560KΩ
684=680KΩ    824=820KΩ      105=1MΩ         125=1.2MΩ
155=1.5MΩ    185=1.8MΩ       225=2.2MΩ      275=2.7MΩ
335=3.3MΩ    395-3.9MΩ        475=4.7MΩ      565=5.6MΩ
685=6.8MΩ    825=8.2MΩ       106=10MΩ

1% Resistance / Printing Code
0000=00Ω            00R1=0.1Ω         0R22=0.22Ω         0R47=0.47Ω
0R68=0.68Ω         0R82=0.82Ω        1R00=1Ω             1R20=1.2Ω
2R20=2.2Ω           3R30=3.3Ω          6R80=6.8Ω          8R20=8.2Ω
10R0=10Ω            11R0=11Ω           12R0=12Ω           13R0=13Ω
15R0=15Ω            16R0=16Ω           18R0=18Ω           20R0=20Ω
24R0=24Ω            27R0=27Ω           30R0=30Ω           33R0=33Ω
36R0=36Ω            39R0=39Ω           43R0=43Ω           47R0=47Ω
51R0=51Ω            56R0=56Ω           62R0=62Ω           68R0=68Ω
75R0=75Ω            82R0=82Ω           91R0=91Ω           1000=100Ω
1100=110Ω          1200=120Ω         1300=130Ω          1500=150Ω
1600=160Ω          1800=180Ω         2000=200Ω          2200=220Ω
2400=240Ω          2700=270Ω         3000=300Ω          3300=330Ω
3600=360Ω          3900=390Ω         4300=430Ω          4700=470Ω
5100=510Ω          5600=560Ω         6200=620Ω          6800=680Ω
7500=750Ω          8200=820Ω         9100=910Ω          1001=1KΩ
1101=1.1KΩ         1201=1.2KΩ        1301=1.3KΩ         1501=1.5KΩ
5601=5.6KΩ         6201=6.2KΩ        6801=6.8KΩ         7501=7.5KΩ
8201=8.2KΩ         9101=9.1KΩ        1002=10KΩ          1102=11KΩ
1202=12KΩ          1302=13KΩ         1502=15KΩ          1602=16KΩ
1802=18KΩ          2002=20KΩ         2202=22KΩ          2402=24KΩ
3002=30KΩ          3303=33KΩ         3602=36KΩ          3902=39KΩ
4302=43KΩ          4702=47KΩ         5102=51KΩ          5602=56KΩ
6202=62KΩ          6802=68KΩ         7502=75KΩ          8202=82KΩ
9102=91KΩ          1003=100KΩ       1103=110KΩ        1203=120KΩ
1303=130KΩ        1503=150KΩ       1603=160KΩ        1803=180KΩ
2003=200KΩ        2203=220KΩ       2403=240KΩ        2703=270KΩ
3003=300KΩ        3303=330KΩ       3603=360KΩ        3903=390KΩ
4303=430KΩ        4703=470KΩ       5103=510KΩ        5603=560KΩ
6303=630KΩ        6803=680KΩ       7503=750KΩ        8203=820KΩ
9103=910KΩ        1004=1MΩ          1104=1.1MΩ        1204=1.2MΩ
1304=1.3MΩ        1504=1.5MΩ        1604=1.6MΩ       1804=1.8MΩ
2004=2MΩ           2204=2.2MΩ        2404=2.4MΩ       2704=2.7MΩ
3004=3MΩ           3304=3.3MΩ        3604=3.6MΩ       3904=3.9MΩ
4304=4.3MΩ        4704=4.7MΩ        5104=5.1MΩ       5604=5.6MΩ
6204=6.2MΩ        6804=6.8MΩ        7504=7.5MΩ       8204=8.2MΩ
9104=9.1MΩ        1005=10MΩ

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
New and Original, factory sealed packing, it will be pack in one of these packing type: Tube, Tray, Tape and Reel, Tape and Box, Bulk packing, Bag and etc. Please kindly contact us for more details.

Packing & Delivery
1. Testing before packaging.
2. Professional packing.
3. Delivery : Worldwide shipping. Any means of transportation is available.
    For samples: Support samples, delivery within 1-3 days.
    For order: Normally 2-5 working days or more depends on order.
    We only ship to confirmed order addresses. Your order address must match your Shipping address.
4. The images shown are not the actual item and are for your reference only.
5. Due to stock status and time differences, we will choose to ship your item from our first available warehouse for fast delivery.

What We Can Offer
1. Sample order
2. Customer service: We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours and offer best after-sale service, if you have any questions or problems please contact to us any time.
3. Quality: High quality promised, tested in good conditions before ship, 1 year guarantee.
4. Shipment: We can ship as your request, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products.

3 to 7 working days to arrive in most countries (EMS FedEX UPS DHL TNT)

You agree to all of the above-listed policies upon ordering!
GICCHIP  professionally  supplying new and original electronic components.
If you need more quantity or more products,Please contact us.

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