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Ceramic heat sink 陶瓷热沉 vacuum coating 真空镀膜 Sputtering gold 磁控溅射金 Inquiries(0) Tags:al2o3 ceramic,alumina substrate,circuits,substrate,aln,integrated circuit,microwave,Sensor head circuit substrates,Small resistor arrays Circuit substrates for measuring instruments,Circuit substrates for transceivers that operate in the milli/micro-wave band,Submounts for photodiodes and laser-diodes, sub-carriers,Amplification circuits, frequency conversion circuits, oscillator circuits, filter circuits,Circuit substrates for communication and radar equipment,Combiner/distributor parts for submarine optical cables, Price: US $0.101-50 Quantity: piece Total price:US $0.00 (Excluding shipping cost) Add to Inquiry Cart Add to Wish List (3 Adds) Ship From: Qingdao Support Payment Terms: T/T thinfilm 2018 Registered

Shandong, China. This supplier has been open since 2003

Business Type: Factory/Manufacturer Main Products: RF Microwave Thin film circuit,Photo Mask,Laser Drilling,Laser Resistor Trimming,polyimide bridges,Ceramic film metallization,Single layer Capacitor,Metal substrate/Chip carrier,50 ohm Microstrip Transmission Line,Thin Film Attenuator Seller Homepage
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Circuits are able to be printed on substrates that have through-holes or slits cut out.

Air bridges, side patterns, and AuSn solder patterns are able to be utilized.
It is possible to use conductors, thin film resistors, thin film capacitors, and thin film inductors together on a single board.
Conductors: TiW/Au, TaN/TiW/Au,TiW/Ni/Au, TaN/TiW/Ni/Au,TiW/Cu/Au,TaN/TiW/Cu/Au.
Thin film resistor material: TaN (Sheet resistance: 50Ω/□ , 100Ω/□)
Solder material: Au/Sn
With our combination of fine patterns on a 99.9% alumina substrate, it is possible to create circuits with low losses and low noise in the high-frequency band.
We also handle other materials such as high-dielectric constant substrates, aluminum nitride substrates (AlN substrate), and quartz substrates.
As a professional manufacturer of thin film circuits, we possess comprehensive technology development, quality assuraSavence, and problem solving knowhow.
We provide quality products according to specific features and specifications. We perform well under strict time constraints and respond quickly to design changes.


导体:TiW / Au,TaN / TiW / Au,TiW / Ni / Au,TaN / TiW / Ni / Au,TiW / Cu / Au,TaN / TiW / Cu / Au。
焊料材料:Au / Sn 
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