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GuanngZhou HengWei electronic technology co. LTD. 2018 Registered
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HD CCTV camera for ship Marine night-vision goggles Inquiries(0) Tags:night-vision goggles Price: Quantity: piece Total price:US $0.00 (Excluding shipping cost) Add to Inquiry Cart Add to Wish List (0 Adds) Ship From: Guangzhou Support Payment Terms: T/T,L/C GuanngZhou HengWei electronic technology co. LTD. 2018 Registered

, China. This supplier has been open since 2005

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HD CCTV camera for ship Marine night-vision goggles US $0.00 / pieceInquiries(0)
HD CCTV camera for ship Marine night-vision goggles US $0.00 / pieceInquiries(0)
HD CCTV camera for ship Marine night-vision goggles US $4850.00 / pieceInquiries(0)
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Item Specifications
Product Description

Ye tong hang”Marine night vision equipment YTH608

Marine infrared navigation system


Product introduction

Marine night vision equipment YTH608 is a specially designed for ship navigation high-tech night vision products, set high sensitivity infrared detectors, infrared germanium lens, 2 million high-definition cameras, waterproof cover at an organic wholeIt can penetrate the dark, fog, haze, provide 24-hour video surveillance ship safe navigation.YTH608 is equipped with advanced digital circuit and image processing algorithm, can output the exquisite and smooth image.In terms of ship navigation, can see the obstacle of the waterway and timely inspect the surface of the water, during the day can use high-definition color video camera to monitor the water target, so that the driver to respond quickly, effectively protect the security of the ship and ship the goods.

Product features

Ship's special anti-corrosion treatment: waterproof, corrosion resistance, salt mist earthquake

◆ Infrared thermal imager, high-definition cameras and  double storehouse shield at an organic whole

◆ according to the customer's requirements,different infrared lenses can be selected to customize the development design

◆ Infrared thermal imager and hd camera switch through video to realize all-weather monitoring.

◆ Turntable seal shield height, protection grade IP66, working temperature - 35 ° C ~ + 55 ° C

◆ In the dark, fog, rain and other harsh conditions, provide a sharp and clear image of heat.

Night monitoring distance: + 25 ℃. RH65 %, Marine night-vision goggles to detect more than 24 m * 8 m hot target distance is about 3 km,  the identification more than 24 m * 8 m  hot target distance is 1.5 km.

Day monitoring distance: under the condition of 20km, the target recognition distance of the 2m hd camera is about 500 meters.

Scope of application

ishing boat, tugboat, fleet, steamboat, pusher, single vessel, passenger rolling vessel, bulk carrier, Yangtze river sand boat, engineering ship, container ship, cruise yacht, river vessel and other video monitoring system.

Technical parameter



Parameters of thermal imager

Detector type

Non-refrigerated vanadium focal plane array



Spectral range

7.5 13.5μm

Viewing Angle

18.2°(horizontal) ×13.7°( vertical)







Spatial resolution(IFOV)

0.500 mrad

Thermal sensitivity

50 mK F=1.0时)

Image frame frequency

8.3 Hz (PAL)

Image magnification


 Image process

Automatic gain control (AGC), digital image detail enhancement (DDE) technology

Camera parameter

Image sensor

1/2.8 IMX291


200 million



Minimum illumination


Len focal length

6mm4/6/12/16mm for optional

Physical properties

work environment


Communication protocol

Industry V0.0Industry V1.0YAANPelco-PPelco-D

Communication BPS

2400\4800\9600\19200 bps

Communication method


Weight capacity


Load mode

Top load

Protection grade


Configuration list




Hd hard disk video recorder


Compatible with mainstream security equipment.

Highlight LCD


The brightness is manually adjustable



Night vision renderings


Compare the effect diagram in fog


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Not Available
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