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PFM crown/bridge Inquiries(0) Tags:PFM crown/bridge Price: US $36.001-9 US $26.0010-99 US $22.00100-999 US $20.001000-1500 Quantity: piece Total price:US $0.00 (Excluding shipping cost) Add to Inquiry Cart Add to Wish List (0 Adds) Ship From: Shenzhen Support Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,D/P,D/A CongFu 2018 Registered

Guangdong, China. This supplier has been open since 2018

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  • PFM:crown/bridge
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The PFM (Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal) crown is a tried-and-true restoration that provides strength and durability. The PFM could be the only option for those difficult and complex situations that require precision attachments, or require high strength in situations with minimal room.


  • Tried and true.
  • Strength and durability.
  • Good for large-span bridges.
  • Precision attachments.


  • Ideal restoration for anterior and posterior crowns and bridges. Cases requiring precision attachments or when minimal inner occlusal space is available.


  • Highly aesthetic cases with minimal prep reduction.


  • Any resin modified glass ionomer luting agent.


  • Any margin style, ideally 1.5 mm of inner occlusal space for optimum aesthetics.

Types of alloys

The metal substructure of a PFM can be made out of any one of a number of dental alloys.
  • High noble – Precious. These alloys have over 60% gold, platinum and/or palladium content. High noble metal is one of the easiest alloys to adjust. Yellow gold high noble metal offers the best aesthetics over any other PFM restoration. We offer PFM crowns in both yellow and white gold high noble restorations.
  • Noble alloys – Semiprecious. These alloys have over 25% noble metal (gold, platinum, palladium) content. Noble metal crowns offer a more hypoallergenic restoration over base metal crowns at a more affordable cost over high noble crowns.
  • Base – Nonprecious. Contains less than 25% noble metal. Base metal alloys are considered to be the most economical PFM restoration. Many base metal alloys contain nickel, chrome, and/or beryllium alloys.
  • If you need,feel free to contact me.

    Skype: live:798505302 

    Website:www. or

    Dental porcelain crown is one of our main products, which the features is good biocompatibility, superior quality, favorable price and punctual delivery. The crowns made in all ceramic have better biocompatibilities than pfm crowns.
    1.Good marginal seal.
    2.Beautiful , Adjustable color made of the same color as real teeth
    3.Good biocompatibility. In particular the production of bio-ceramic dental precious metals and porcelain teeth, because of its chemical inertness and electrical corrosion resistant, non-allergic tissue
    4.Extremely high strength.

    Why choose Topcrowns:

    1We are 100% factory from 2003, we located in Shenzhen city, Guangdong, China
    2. Using imported and excellent material and solved effectively the situation of drymouth and halitosis, feel more comfort
    3. Competitive price
    4. Make the teeth more natural and lifelike
    5. Nice margin fitting fase teeth which will be guaranteed by skillful technicans.
    6. Prompt delivery,we could send the parcel to hongkong lINEX/Fedex/DHL/UPS
    7. we can do the designs according to the customers'requirement
    8. we can offer you the high quality & reasionalble price
    9.Goog biocompatibility can guarantee human being's health
    10.Passed ISO registration, enclosed quality guarantee card
    How to start:
    A. Write an ordersheet, fill it with detailed instructions;

    B. Please prepare the following items before sending the case:

    a. Order Form
    b. Impression Tray for working model
    c. Opposite model
    d.Bite registration (if necessary)
    e. Pls included all implant parts if the case is the implant.

    then print your commercial invoice for customs and an air waybill ( provided by your shipping courier company like Fedex )for shipping.

    C. Inform us the tracking number. We will pay for the shipping cost back to your office whenever you send over 20 cases in one package. 

    Turnaround Time:

    a.4 days for PFM, Denture,CCP Framework,Zirconia;

    b. 5-6 days for two Combiantions;

    c. 7 days for complicated;

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Not Available
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