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chongqing mic technology co.,ltd 2019 Registered
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XSP-125 biological microscope Inquiries(0) Tags:microscope Price: US $100.0010-200 Quantity: piece Total price:US $0.00 (Excluding shipping cost) Add to Inquiry Cart Add to Wish List (0 Adds) Ship From: Fuzhou Support Payment Terms: chongqing mic technology co.,ltd 2019 Registered

Chongqing, China. This supplier has been open since 2010

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Product Description

MIC TECH XSP-125 serials biological microscope

Comfortable operating with ergonomic structure

High quality optical system, supply clear and sharp images

Phase contrast and dark field accessories are all available, can be easily upgraded

Total Magnification: 4×-2000×





Finite optical system


Infinite optical system


Viewing Head

Siedentopf binocular viewing head, inclined at 30°,

360°rotatable, interpupillary distance 47-75mm

Siedentopf trinocular viewing head, inclined at 30°,

360°rotatable,interpupillary distance 47-75mm with digital

viewing head 5MP support WIFI

Digital 8 inches LCD screen, inclined at 30°,360°rotatable,

interpupillary distance 47-75mm 5MP Android OS


Eyepiece WF10×18mm


Wide field eyepiece WF10×/20 mm


Wide field eyepiece 12.5×14mm


Wide field eyepiece 15×16mm


Wide field eyepiece 16×12mm


Wide field eyepiece 20×12mm



Finite achromatic objective 4X, 10X,40X,100X


Infinite Semi plan achromatic objective 20X, 60X



Backward quadruple nosepiece

Backward quintuple nosepiece


Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment, fine division 0.002mm,

fine stroke 0.2mm per rotation, moving range 25mm


Double layer mechanical stage 140×140mm, cross travel

70×50mm, using low-positioned X/ Y coaxial control knob


Double layer rackless mechanical stage 156×139mm, cross travel

75×52mm, using low-positioned X/ Y coaxial control knob



Abbe condenser NA1.25 with aperture diaphragm

Dark field condenser (dry, oil)


S- LED light, brightness adjustable

5W LED light, brightness adjustable

6V20W halogen lamp

Battery rechargeable

Kohler illumination

ECO function

Plane concave mirror

Video attachment

Optional: Photo attachment, Video attachmentPolarization set,Phase contrast kit,Epi-Fluorescent attachment

Note: “●” in the table is standard attachment. “○” is optional accessories.

Design change: To keep pace with technological advances, we have reserved the right to make design modification and changes without notice.

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