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Opaly Composites Material Co., Ltd. Main Products: Solid Surface,Quartz Stone,Acrylic Modified, Kitchen,Countertops,Sink, Bathroom evergreen 2018 Registered Send Message Seller Homepage Home Products About us News Contact Us Company info Introduction

OPALY is a professional and experienced manufacturer which specialized in producing solid surface and quartz stone. More than 15 years producing experience.

OPALY plays a very important role in the artificial stone field. OPALY product is the most popular brand in China and they has exported to more than 55 different countries and regions.

opaly-Quartz-stone-production-linesOPALY is a national leader in the supply of these products with three fully automatic, state-of-the-art, continuous production lines and supporting facilities, with outstanding competitive advantage by capable produce wider sheet 760mm–1520mm;Four vacuumized high-pressure Quartz stone production lines enables Opaly to produce quartz stone with natural vein, which also exhibits excellent hardness and penetration resistance, moreover, OPALY now capable of an annual production of over 700,000 standard boards.

OPALY Advantages:


OPALY Spirits :

opaly-solid-surface-workshop“Leading Technology” -Technology has changed our lives.

“Service First”- Priority is given to the highest quality of service.

“Trust and Reliability”- The company extends trust and reliability to all customers.

“Green Environment”- Products are guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and healthy.