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Wuhan Liangzihu Aquatic Processing Co., LtdMain Products: collagen peptide powder, hydrolysate collagen powder, fish collagen tripeptide, food grade collagen powder Wuhan Liangzihu Aquatic Processing Co., Ltd 2021 Registered Send Message Seller Homepage Home Products About us News Contact Us Company info Introduction

collagen peptide powder / granular, food grade, hydrolysate, 500dal, 1000dal, 2000dal 1.  hydrolyzed fish collagen, food grade, granular,  from tilapia scale/skin, mature and advanced technology, sustainable quality; 2.  100% pure natural, no other additives. white or yellowish, no bad smell, safe,easy to accept and consumed by end users; 3. fast and complete water soluble, no color change, nice thermal stability and acid stability in water solution; wide applications for formulas; 4. average molecular weight 1000dal and 500dal. fast and complete absorption; 5. protein contents more than 95%, high proportion of Gly+Pro+Hyp. truely effective; 6. ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL certified. standard and safe production, quality control; Only real and effective fish collagen peptide can establish continusou business and brand. Our fish collagen peptide is produced based on functional principles. To accomplish the expected effectiveness, our production technology is advanced and different: 1.  Focus on fish scale/skin as raw material with abundant and perfect collagen structure, high absoption rate and peptide contents;   Fish collagen is also type Ⅰ like cheaper bovine collagen, but it's much better.  2.  Strict transportation and storage of raw material, keep freshness; special and experienced cleaning procedure, no damage of collagen raw material;  Our fish collagen is also much better than collagen peptide from bones. Some factories clean fish scale/skin with strong acid or alkali, which will destroy the collagen raw material, less bioactive, less effective. 3.  No excessive pursuit of of color, smell, taste, assure the contents of effective amino acid, bioactive feature; 4.  Special enzym combination, advanced and high-precision membrane filtration system, assure functional peptide and high proportion. This is important to get functional and truly effective peptide with certain molecular weight, which also makes our fish collagen different.