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Biostract phytochem Co.,Ltd.Main Products: Phosphatidylserine, Ceramide, Luteolin, Glucomannan, Soy isoflavones Biostract phytochem Co.,Ltd. 2018 Registered Send Message Seller Homepage Home Products About us News Contact Us Company info Introduction

If you are looking for high-quality and high-purity botanical extracts at competitive wholesale prices for the medicine, health, cosmetic and chemical industry sectors, you have found your source. BIOSTRACT is an excellent Plant Extracts manufacturer and supplier focused on Polysaccharide, Flavonoids, Alkaloids as well as Phospholipids and other high-purity botanical extracts. Phosphatidylserine, Luteolin, Soy isoflavones, Glucomannan and Ceramide has become a preferred supplier of many leading brand-name manufacturers, as well as start-up companies, many of whose finished products have become popular brands. Our objective is to offer the finest, purest and most natural products at competitive wholesale prices and provide all our customers with industry leading Customer Service.