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DE Medical Technology Jiangsu Co.,Ltd 2018 Registered
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IVD CE certificate HCG Pregnancy test kit HCG one step test cassette urine /serum specimen Inquiries(0) Tags:IVD,Rapid test kit,HCG test cassette,Pregnancy test kit Price: US $0.122000-5000 US $0.115001-10000 Quantity: piece Total price:US $0.00 (Excluding shipping cost) Add to Inquiry Cart Add to Wish List (0 Adds) Ship From: Shanghai Support Payment Terms: T/T,L/C DE Medical Technology Jiangsu Co.,Ltd 2018 Registered

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Product Details
Report/ Claim
Item Specifications
  • Test Format:Strip/Cassette/Midstream
  • Specimen:Urine/Serum
  • Expiry date:24 Months
  • Function:Rapid test
  • Storage:2-30 centigrade
Product Description

IVD CE certificate  HCG Pregnancy test kit HCG one step test cassette urine /serum specimen 

Intended Use of HCG Test Cassette (Urine/ serum)

The HCG Rapid Test Device (Urine/Serum) is a rapid visual immunoassay for the qualitative, presumptive detection of human chorionic gonadotropin in human urine or serum specimens. This kit is intended for use as an aid in early detection of pregnancy.

Principle of HCG Test Cassette (Urine/ serum)

The HCG Rapid Test Device (Urine/Serum) detects human chorionic gonadotropin through visual interpretation of color development in the internal strip. Anti-hCG antibodies are immobilized on the test region of the membrane, and anti-mouse antibodies immobilized on the control region. During testing, the specimen reacts with anti-hCG antibodies conjugated to colored particles and precoated onto the sample pad of the strip. The mixture then migrates through the membrane by capillary action and interacts with reagents on the membrane. If there is sufficient hCG in the specimen, a colored band will form at the test region of the membrane. The presence of this colored band indicates a positive result, while its absence indicates a negative result. The appearance of a colored band at the control region serves as a procedural control, indicating that the proper volume of specimen has been added and membrane wicking has occurred.

Catalog and detail information of HCG Test Cassette ( Urine/Serum)

Product Name Production Information
Catalog No.  Specimen Used Test Format Kit Size
HCG H111-11U Urine Strip 50 pcs per box
H111-14U Strip 1pc per bag
H111-23U Cassette 25 pcs per box
H111-24U Cassette 1pc per bag
H111-35U Midstream 20 pcs/box
H111-36U Midstream 1pc per bag
H111-11P Serum Strip 50 pcs per box
H111-23P Cassette 25 pcs per box

Procedure and Result Reading of HCG 
Test Cassette (Urine/ serum)

1. Open the sealed pouch by tearing along the notch.

2. Remove the test from the pouch.

3. Immerse strip into the urine with the arrow end pointing towards the urine. Do not past the MAX line.

4. Take the strip out after 3 seconds and lay the strip flat on a clean, dry and onabsorbent surface (e.g., mouth of the urine container).

5. Wait for colored bands to appear. Depending on the Concentration of HCG in the test specimen , positive results may be observed in as short as 40 seconds. However to confirm negative results, the complete reaction time (5 minutes) is required.

Do not read results after 10 minutes


1. Negative: Only one color band appears on the Control region. No apparent band on the Test region. There is no pregnancy.

2. Positive: Distinct color bands appears on the Control and Test regions. Both Test line and Control line indicate that you are pregnant. Color intensity of the Test bands may vary. Different stages of pregnancy have different concentrations of HCG hormone.

3. Invalid: No visible bang at all. Repeat test with a new test kit.


The test kits can be stored at room temperature (18 to 30℃) in the sealed pouch to the date of expiration. The test kits should be kept away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat.


1. For in vitro diagnostic use only.

2. Do not use test kit beyond expiry date.

3. The test device should not be reused.

For more information ,pls review :

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Wechart :214626031  Skype:grace_qin.pada  Whatsapp:+8613815950169

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