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shenzhen bailingjia technology co.LTD 2019 Registered
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G7 Touch-screen TFT Color Display WIFI+ GSM flat table Alarm System Inquiries(0) Tags:Touch-screen,WIFI+ GSM,Alarm System Price: US $228.001-99 Quantity: piece Total price:US $0.00 (Excluding shipping cost) Add to Inquiry Cart Add to Wish List (0 Adds) Ship From: Shenzhen Support Payment Terms: T/T shenzhen bailingjia technology co.LTD 2019 Registered

Guangdong, China. This supplier has been open since 2009

Business Type: Factory/Manufacturer Main Products: alarm system, modem pool, Seller Homepage
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Product Details
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Item Specifications
  • Place of Origin:Spec value433Mhz,315Mhz,868Mhz
  • Brand Name:OEM
  • Model Number:G55
  • Input voltage:DC5V2A(mico USB)
Product Description

G7 Touch-screen TFT Color Display WIFI+ GSM flat table Alarm System


This 7-inch TFT color screen intelligent wireless long-distance voice alarm system G7 has a powerful CPU main control and a full touch screen operation menu. High-end GSM / WIFI dual network alarm with stable and reliable performance. The host wirelessly connects infrared, door sensor, smoke detector, gas detector, emergency button and other accessories. When the alarm is received, the alarm zone will be displayed on the color screen, and the site will sound an alarm. At the same time, it will send a text message and call the user's preset phone to notify the user. Can be widely used in homes, factories, schools, shops, convenience stores, finance rooms, villas, residential areas and other places that need protection, in order to fully protect the safety of people and property.


7-inch color screen display, user-friendly interactive operation menu, full touch screen operation, operation voice prompts, easy to learn and use.

►Configurable 2.4G WIFI wireless network, simple and convenient access configuration.

►Support real-time status feedback, which can feedback the status of the host to the mobile APP in real time.

Mobile APP is easy to operate and can be bound to multiple G7 alarms.

►Mobile APP has alarm push function and supports IOS / Android operating system.

►The host dials the phone number set by the user during the alarm; the number is not lost when the power is off.

►Remote arming, disarming, monitoring, shouting, turning on and off the siren, and turning on and off the socket.

►With GPRS networking function, you can upload the host status to the networked alarm management terminal; you can also remotely set up the host or remotely control the host through the networked alarm management terminal software.

►The main unit can be used as an ordinary mobile phone. You can make outgoing calls directly from the main unit.

►Can set the central unit number, can be connected with large central units, compatible with the internationally accessible alarm networking Contact ID protocol.

►The host has 99 defense zones, each zone has 8 types of zones, and each zone can independently switch on and off.

►The host can be set remotely by phone (mobile phone) or SMS, and is compatible with China Mobile Fetion to save the cost of SMS when users send SMS settings.

►8 groups of regular arming and disarming functions, eliminating manual manual arming and disarming, and realizing intelligent automatic control.

►1 channel alarm linkage wireless smart socket, 1 channel sound and light alarm.

►Remote control of 20 smart sockets via phone or SMS to achieve remote control of home appliances.

10 seconds auto message recording. And embedded artificial voice, users can receive the location and zone number of the alarm situation when receiving a remote alarm.

►Wireless intelligent learning accessories, can learn 99 remote controls and 99 detectors.

►Get network time, intelligently synchronize network real-time time.

►Unique black box function, can display the latest 99 arming and disarming records and 99 latest alarm records.

►With low power and tamper-resistant functions.

►Built-in rechargeable high-capacity lithium battery, which can be switched automatically when power is off.

► With reminder function for incoming and outgoing calls.


►Input voltage: DC5V

►Standby current: <50mA

►Alarm current: <450mA

►Wireless frequency: 433MHz

►Backup battery: 3.7V / 2000 mAh large capacity lithium battery

►Sirens loudness: 80dB

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