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shenzhen bailingjia technology co.LTD 2019 Registered
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High usage available gas sensor Wireless 433MHZ Suitable for Bath room Kichen For anti gas Gas detector CaboSensor Inquiries(0) Tags:Gas detector , Cabon Sensor Price: US $6.501-10 US $5.5010-200 US $4.50200-1000 Quantity: piece Total price:US $0.00 (Excluding shipping cost) Add to Inquiry Cart Add to Wish List (0 Adds) Ship From: Shenzhen Support Payment Terms: T/T shenzhen bailingjia technology co.LTD 2019 Registered

Guangdong, China. This supplier has been open since 2009

Business Type: Factory/Manufacturer Main Products: alarm system, modem pool, Seller Homepage
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Item Specifications
  • Place of Origin::Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name::bailing
  • Wireless frequency:433 MHz
  • color:white
Product Description

Wireless 433MHZ Suitable for Bath room Kichen For anti gas Gas detector Sensor

The gas leakage alarm is suitable for the place where natural gas exists. It Can detect and alarm the burning, explosion, poisoning caused by gas leakage. This product has the characteristic of  high sensitivity , high stability, multi-gas detectable, smallcubage, easy to install .

I. Basic Function

    When the flammable gas density reaches to response setting value of density in its surrounding environment, the alarm can give out alarm signal of sound, light and networking. In the alarm state, the ambient concentration of combustible gas down to the rated value, the alarm can be automatically restored to normal monitoring state. It has red, yellow, green three state indicator lights and one built-in buzzer, show the following three kinds of states separately:

1. Green indicator lights up, the power supply operates normally, and in the state of monitoring; 

2. Yellow indicator lights up with the sound of the buzzer, alarm faults(mainly on sensor);

3. Red indicator lights up, with the buzzer noise and networking output, indicate the alarm is in alarm state.Alarm sound: >85Db(right ahead 1m)

Green indicator turn off, yellow indicator flash one time every 30 seconds, means 220VAC power off and using 9V backup battery(when battery voltage lower than 8.2V it will alarm, yellow indicator flash and buzzer sound)

II. Technical parameter

Working voltage: AC220V

Power consumption: static≤10 mA  alarm≤15 mA

Alarm Range: natural gas  3%~15%LEL

Response time: <30s

Alarm sound: >85Db(right ahead 1m)

Installation style: wall mounted

Gas sensor: life span 3 years

Ambient Temp. : -10℃~ 55℃

Humidity Range: 10%~95% RH

Air pressure: 86~106Kpa

Emission frequency: 433MHZ

Emission distance: ≥100m (in open air)

Backup battery(optional): DC 9Vcarbon-zinc/ alkaline battery (factory default: without battery )

Coding way: button alarm coding(After self-testing, press the button to emit 433MHZ signal) 

III. Installation
1. Design for wall mounted, please install the product where’s up from the leakage of the natural gas
2. When install alarm, use 2pcs of self tapping screw & expansion pipes from installation package, fix the mounting bracket on the wall, and then install the detector onto the bracket (note to align detector in the mouth of bracket chuck, and rotate enough to the right place)
3. Connect power, self-testing is over, then press the test key, the detector gives out “Di Di” buzzing, the red light flashes and emits radio frequency, installation is finished.
a. The alarm can't be installed too close to above the gas source, 
should 2m min. above to avoid faulty alarm even at normal use.
b. The alarm can't be held at bathroom or moister place.
C. Alarm’s forbidden with paint, alcohol, should isolate the alarm immediately if two kinds of gas exist in the room, lest damage the sensor.

IV. Debugging

1.Connect the power of the detector, detector enters into “power on” hint state, red, green, yellow indicator lights turn on also with a “Di” sound. Then alarm indicator light (red) extinguish automatically; power indicator light is on and fault indicator ligh flashes; after about 60 seconds, gas leakage alarm enters into normal monitor

state (green LED is on normally, yellow/ red LED go out).

2.Coding way: A0-A7 are the address codes (match with alarm panel), D0-D4 are data codes(match with defense zones)

V. Emergency treatment                  

 When red alarm indicator light flashes with buzzing sound,that indicates the gas leakage with higher density in the environment. The finder should check according to the following procedures immediately

1. Close all the gas sources (stove, cooking utensils, gas water heater, etc.).

2. Open the doors and windows and enable the air convection immediately, exhaust naturally.

3. Forbid opening other electric equipment products.

4. If symptoms such as someone's feeling

Headache, regurgitation, general weakness, agitation or shock, etc., should be sent to the first aid of the hospital.

5. Find out the alarm cause and deal with in time after the gas disappears.

6. If is unable to get rid of the cause of accident, Please consult your local property management office.

7. Due to the quality reason of the alarm; please contact the supplier to check.

8. Due to the gas leakage, please contact the gas company, checking gas piping, water heater or stove, etc. Where may cause the leakage of gas sources.

Note: the leakage of paint, cosmetics,chemical products alcohol might cause the alarm , should make these articles far away from the alarm, reduce faulty alarm.

Gas Leakage Alarm (5).jpg

VI. Trouble Analysis and Removing

Gas leakage alarm belongs to safety precaution products, should incessant to run after start the machine, in the course of use and maintenance , if find the following problems , should deal with (see the following ) in time; if fail to handle, should get in touch with after-sales service centre. After this product goes into normal running, users do the periodic inspection according to one's own condition, so as to ensure normal running


VII. Maintenance and Warranty

a. Consult installation and debug two sections in the manual.

b. Check and test the conditions of alarm and power connection weekly, contact with the facilitator in time to discover the problems.

c. Users make sure not to dismantle the alarm by themselves, not allow to use the chemical spraying cleanser to wash directly

either, lest damage the sensor head. When users really need to wash, please notify the specialized company or consult the facilitator

Gas Leakage Alarm (6).jpg

Gas Leakage Alarm (7).jpg



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