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multifunction camping lights Inquiries(0) Tags:multifunction light, noise & blink warning, AM/FM, luminous ring, emergency power-supply,storage(compass.charge line) Price: US $32.001-10 US $28.0010-100 Quantity: piece Total price:US $0.00 (Excluding shipping cost) Add to Inquiry Cart Add to Wish List (0 Adds) Ship From: Tianjin Support Payment Terms: amybeianemergency 2018 Registered

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multifunction camping lights US $28.00 - 32.00 / pieceInquiries(0)
Product Details
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Item Specifications
  • dimensions:97*186mm
  • Net weight:510g
  • material:PC engineering plastic
  • package size(inner):Spec value
  • specifications for package:10 lamps/ box, 2boees/carton
  • carton size:L600*W526*H270mm
  • weight/carton:14kgs
Product Description


1. Three types of charging ways: Hand-cranking self-power-generation, Alternating Current, Dry Battery;

2. Multi-Lighting Modes: short-range light, long-range light, work light, tent light;

3. SOS Alarm Signal;

4. There is a handle design on the side and come with a charging data-cable inside;

5. The multi-function camping hand lamp can charge other electronic devices through the USB interface (OUT); and the external power can also charge it for energy storage through the other interface (IN);

6. There is a lifting handle on the top and a fixed angle handle at the lower cover on the flank, the data-cable box at the tail end can store data cable, all these designs are easy to use;

1. Appearance Quality

1.1 The shell of the emergency lamp is injection molded with ABS material;

2. Function Structure

2.1 The emergency lamp has the functions of energy storage power supplying, lighting, FM/AM and alarm;

2.2 The emergency lamp has the functions of floodlight, spotlight and desk lamp, and 360-degree illumination;

2.3 The emergency lamp charges by the dedicated rechargeable battery and hand-cranking power generation;

2.4 The structure and specification of the emergency lamp comply with the approved standards of the purchasing department;

2.5 The design of the lifting handle and the top handle: There is a unique lifting handle design at the top of the lamp’s head, which is convenient for carrying or tying the lamp up to the tent’s beam column with an optional Accessory-Magic Strap and without limit by the beam column diameter; The top handle can be adjusted at the three-step 90-degree angle by controlling the switch button, and the tail end of the handle can be opened for storing small items;

3. Lighting Function

3.1 The illumination source should choose the low-consumption and ultra-bright LED module, the initial luminous efficiency of the LED module is ≥ 70lm / w, the temperature range is -40℃~60℃, the service life is not less than 30000h;

3.2. For flood lighting, the center illuminance at the distance of 1 meter from the emergency lamp is ≥ 100lx, and the beam angle is ≥ 90°. For condensing lighting, the center illuminance at the distance of 5 meters from the emergency lamp is ≥ 450Lux, and the beam angle is ≤ 8 °

3.3. The continuous floodlight lighting time of the fully charged emergency lamp is ≥ 12h, and after 4 hours of lighting, the center illuminance is ≥ 25lx;

3.4 With luminous indication function;

4. Energy Storage Function

4.1 With an external charging input interface, 5V DC charging is viable;

4.2 Hand-cranking power generation charging adopts the AC power generation mode, the hand crank can be rotated forward and backward, the rotating speed is 150 ~ 180 RPM, and the maximum output power is ≥ 5W;

4.3 The energy storage battery is AA rechargeable battery; the nominal value is 1.2V/1200mAh Ni-MH battery, no memory effect;

5. Emergency Power-Supply Function

5.1 With a USB power supply interface which can be used for charging small electronic devices;

5.2 The output voltage is DC 5V, the electric current is more than 500mA;

6. Radio function

6.1 FM (Frequency Modulation) with the receiving frequency range of 87MHz~108MHz;

6.2 AM (Amplitude Modulation) with the receiving frequency range of 520Hz~1620KHz;

6.3 FM (Frequency Modulation) with the sensitivity better than 10μV;

6.4 AM (Amplitude Modulation) with the sensitivity better than 3mV/m;

6.5 The output power of audio frequency is 150mW;

6.6 Charged by hand circling for 1 minute, radio time ≥15min (in moderate volume);

6.7 Using battery of full power, Radio time ≥10h;

7. Ask-for-help function: SOS flash signal and red flashing alarm light can play a role in warning and banishing wild animals;

8. functions of use

8.1 ABS material shall be chosen because it is durable and environmentally-friendly; the on-off key is flexible and easy to use, the hanging handle and hand-hold handle are firmly and rightly connected to the lamp body;

8.2 Falling standard of bare machine shall be 1m-height free-failing movement with the normal working ability afterwards;

9. Safety performance: the safety performance of emergency light shall accord with the stipulation of GB7000.204-2008, GB7000.208-2008 and GB7000.2-2008;

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