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Dongguan Feito Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. Main Products: stamped sheet metal for panel enclosures cabinets with laser catting Dongguan Feito Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. 2018 Registered Send Message Seller Homepage Home Products About us News Contact Us Company info Introduction

Specializing in Metal Manufacturing and Metal Parts Production Dongguan Feito Industrial Technology Co. Ltd/(Feito Hardware) is an enterprise specializing in sheet metal processing, mechanical processing, CNC processing, and the design and development of precision metal parts. We can provide cutting, stamping, bending, riveting, welding, lathe, milling, powder metallurgy, and other processing and assembly processes. Products are widely used in optical communications, power equipment, sensors, SMT, electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, automobiles, and other industries. And with the upgrading of customers' products and increasing requirements. Our production capacity and processing range are constantly improving. 13 Years of Technical Experience We have an experienced team, key technical personnel, and production management personnel with more than 10 years of work experience in the industry, with excellence in work quality and professionalism, aiming at customer requirements, providing good services and quality products. Engineers with 7 years of experience in hardware processing and 13 years of technical experience have undertaken the processing of products from Huawei and large domestic enterprises. The company has passed ISO 9001: 2008 quality system certification, has a complete quality control process and multiple quality specialists, and the defective rate of shipments can be controlled within 0.1%, striving to reduce customers' quality problems. Our Services Provide customers with one-to-one counterpart service, professional questions, and professional answers, quotations are answered within 24 hours, packaging and transportation services are provided according to customer requirements, generally, delivery within 2 weeks and delivery are guaranteed as promised. It can also provide customers with relevant technical support and consultation. Enquire now Contact us for more information.